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The road to life: neonatal transitions to extra-uterine life

The onset of labour and birth initiates profound changes for infants. It is essential to understand these unique aspects of childbirth; doing so will equip midwives with the ability to detect deviations from expected trajectories, take appropriate actions, but most importantly support normal birth transitions. These transitions involve a complex cascade of physiological, anatomical and behavioural changes acting in concert. This article will overview essential knowledge about the early adaptive changes after birth and considers initial cardio-respiratory and metabolic responses to birth, together with how midwives can support the best possible start for infants.

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Immediate care of the healthy term neonate

All neonates have significant adaptations to make during labour, birth and in the immediate postnatal period as they respond to extra-uterine life. Healthy, term babies are well equipped to respond to the normal processes and stresses of labour, birth and life outside the womb (RCM 2012). Optimal adaptation is influenced by the care-giver as babies are unable to sustain themselves independently. As such, understanding the immediate care needs of the healthy newborn is an important part of the midwifery role.Read more

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