The Practising Midwife, Volume 18 no 7 (July/August 2015)

Guidelines for contributors

We welcome contributions from any midwife or student, whether you have been regularly in print or are novice authors. Before you submit an article, please read the full carefully here.

Feature articles (up to 1,500 words)

We welcome contributions that offer a personal viewpoint or description of life as a midwife 'at the coalface' of today's profession. These may be humorous, controversial, analytical or reflective. We are particularly interested in current issues, new developments, reflective practice and controversial topics. We are also interested in new developments in your maternity unit, community practice or university. These might include innovations in midwifery practice, courses, research, staffing or the structure of maternity service provision. We are particularly keen to publicise developments that affect autonomous midwifery practice and woman-centred care. If you have experience of working as a midwife in another country we would also be pleased to receive your reflections.

In submitting a reflective account we expect you to use a reflective model to base your reflection upon e.g. Gibbs, Johnís as well as making reference to some literature/theory connected to reflection, the development of self and reflecting on practice.

Research and review (up to 2,000 words)

We are pleased to consider original research papers. Occasionally, larger pieces of research may be broken down into two or more consecutive articles.

We also welcome review articles describing secondary research. These include detailed literature reviews and assessments of other people's research. Review articles should provide a thorough consideration of the subject, again with emphasis on any implications for the practising midwife.

Writing style: some tips

A journal article should be written in a different style from that of an academic essay. Aim for a clear, readable and accessible style, remembering that your readers will be busy, practising midwives. If this is the first time you have submitted an article to a journal it may help to ask a colleague or tutor to read it. You may also ask editorial advisory board members or the editors for support and advice.

Please check your writing carefully for accuracy and ambiguity. A final edit, prior to submission, is essential to check spelling and remove any superfluous words or phrases. You may find it helpful to look at past issues to get an idea of the journal's overall style and focus. The Editors reserve the right to edit any article. Your article will be sent to you to check in its final form shortly before publication.

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Writing Guidelines